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"Ready for an easy-to-follow system to create a "Launch-Ready" course in 7 Days or less...

Without Spending A Fortune On Ads, Needing A Huge Following Or Using A Complicated Funnel?"

The Irresistible course Formula Strategy that You Can Use Launch And Sell Your Next course Before It's Even Created - Fast

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If you want to:

  • Turn your knowledge into a profitable digital course FAST
  • Stand out in a crowded market and differentiate yourself from your competition
  • ​​Increase your income by launching a course that resonates with your target market and sells like hotcakes
  • Save time and launch your course quickly, without sacrificing quality or profitability
  • Have a roadmap to follow that takes the guesswork out of creating a profitable course

But you don't want to:

  • Feel the frustration and pain of spending months or even years creating a course that no one wants to buy
  • Be stuck in a state of overwhelm, not knowing how to launch your course effectively and make it a success.
  • Waste tons of time trying every marketing, funnel and sales strategy online only to find that most don't work
  • Go through the stress and frustration of creating a course from scratch, without a proven formula to follow.

AND you don't know:

💡 How to come up with a great course idea, and validate if the idea would be profitable

📝 How to know exactly which part of your market/niche to focus on and how to identify their #1 pain point, so you can solve it with your course. 

✍️ How to actually launch and pre-sell a new course idea in as little as 7 days without spending a fortune on ads or needing a huge following

📣 The exact type of course offer you can use to attract all of the customers or clients you want, who will happily pay you for it - before you even created it.

 If this sounds familiar

and all you want is a clear, proven process to turn your knowledge into a profitable digital course...

Then this is for you.

Here's exactly what you'll get:

Map Out And Create Your First Irresistible Course Offer so you can sell It (For Actually Money) Before it Even Exists


sTEP #1

Your Profitable Course Idea

Have you ever struggled to come up with a course idea that you're passionate about AND is profitable at the same time? 

This section will show you the secrets to uncovering your ideal target market, identify their biggest problems, and turn your expertise into a course that stands out. 


Magnetic Positioning

Do you find it hard to stand out in a crowded market? 

This section will reveal the secrets to crafting a course proposition that sets you apart from your competition. 

You'll learn how to position your course as the solution to your target market's biggest problems and understand their needs, wants, and desires. 

You'll explore the benefits of a clear and compelling USP and differentiate yourself from your competition in a unique and magnetic way.


Turn Your Idea Into An Irresistible Course Offer That Sells

Are you ready to create a course offer that your target market can't resist? 

By the end of this section, you'll have an irresistible course offer that your target market will want to buy.

sTEP #4

Celebrate  🥳

By this point you'll have your irresistible course offer...ready to launch!

Congrats! 🎉 


"Done With You" Implementation Videos 

Now the planner is awesome and everything you need to launch your offer…

But I’m not just giving you the planner and leaving you to it…

I’m also going to walk you through each step of the planner so you can complete these to an expert standard. 

Each and every step in the planner includes an over-the-shoulder tutorial helping you from start to finish. You’ll gain insights, guidance and support even after receiving the resources.

You can thank me later!

Course Launch Forecaster 

"What should I price my offer at?"
“What should my conversion rate be?”
“How long will it take to hit 6-figures?”

These ^^^^ are the questions coaches, and course creators ask me when I work with them to help them launch a new offer.

It just so happens that they’re also questions that are easy to figure out with my Offer Launch Forecaster...

All you have to do is plug your numbers to instantly see your unique launch numbers and maximize your sales every single month without wasting time or money

Irresistible Course Offer Mockups 

If you want to ensure a successful launch, you need to make sure your course looks amazing. 

Your course mockups play a crucial role in showcasing your product's value and uniqueness, and without an attractive and enticing presentation, your launch may fall flat.

With these templates, you can create professional-looking product mockups in minutes, without any design experience or expensive software. 

The Winning Course Name AI Prompts ($97 Value)

The name of your course is one of the most important parts of having a successful launch. However coming up with a good one can be really difficult. 

You can use these ChatGPT prompts to come up with a winning name for your offer in seconds. All you have to do is fill-in-the blanks, add to ChatGPT and watch as it comes up with winning names in seconds.

Here's Everything You Get When You Order Today:

  • Step #1: Your Profitable Course Idea ($97 Value)
  • Step #2: Magnetic Positioning ($97 Value)
  • Step #3:Irresistible Course Offer ($97 Value)
  • "Done With You" Implementation Videos ($197 Value)
  • Course Offer Forecaster ($197 Value)
  • Irresistible Canva Offer Mock-Ups ($97 Value)
  • The Winning Offer AI Prompts ($197 Value)

Total Value: $979

Get It All Right Now

ONLY $17!

Who Am I & Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hey there, I’m Miles

I quit my 9-5 job in 2018 and since then…I’ve built 2 internet business that have collectively done well over 7-figures in sales.

I first started online in ecommerce, then digital products and then coaching;

I made thousands Of Dollars Through Selling courses over the last Few years...

However My first Course Launch flopped...

When I first got started, I’d previously spent over 6-months creating my very first online course. 

I poured my heart and my soul into making sure it was the very best course on the market

And I thought for sure that this would be something that customers wanted…

It bombed hard.

Even though I eventually turned this course into a success…

I vowed to never go through that emotional torment again. 
So I went about putting together a simple but counter-Intuitive strategy to ensure that there's a high likely hood of success with a new course launch....

this Little-known, counter-intuitive Strategy paid off

I've been able to help many amazing people get great results with my courses and coaching programs...
I’ve made every mistake in the book and I’ve spent thousands of hours refining and perfecting this approach and figuring out what works and what doesn’t -- so you don’t have to. 

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to come up with a course offer that has high chance of success, this planner is for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I am brand new and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?
A: Yes, this is a great option for you. You can use this planner to come up with an irresistible course offer that sells and get your first customers.

Q: I've been coaching for a while. Will I still find value?
A: Yes, this solution will work particularly well for you. It's a great way to add an additional stream of income to your coaching business and grow even faster.

Q: Can I wait and buy this later?
A: Yes, but I am not sure how long this product will be available and the price can go up any time (this is a special introductory price).

Q: Does this only work for business coaches?
A: No, this works for all kind of coaches, content and course creators that want to sell their knowledge, build an audience and make a great living online.

Q: I am not tech savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?
A: No, this is very beginner and budget-friendly and you don't need to be good with tech or buy any software.

Q: I don't have a big audience. Will this still work for me?
A: YES! This strategy will work, even with a small audience.

Q: When will I get access?
A: You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?
A: Yes, there is a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.
Secure Checkout. 7-Day Money-Back-Guarantee

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